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Memorial Options

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Peaceful Pathways For Pets, Pet Memorial Options

Private Burial in a pet cemetery or cremation are the two main options you have for your pets remains. You may also choose to bury your own pet, but please check with your local city as to their rules and regulations regarding this prior to our arrival. Your pet's aftercare (cremation or burial) will be discussed prior to the procedure or during the telephone consultation. We at Peaceful Pathways have carefully research and chosen Fond Memories as our primary company to provide pet cremations and burials. If you have a alternative pet crematorium or pet cemetery you would like to choose, please feel free make arrangements with them prior to Dr. Pearson's arrival. Peaceful Pathways for Pets and Dr. Pearson will gladly assist and attempt to accommodate your special request.

Clay Paw Print


Personalized Paw Print

Ceramic Paw prints are made with your pets own paw print. It includes your pets name imprinted on the top. Each paw print comes with a black stand in order to help place it safely on your table or mantle.


Cedar Memorial Urn

Traditional Cedar Urn

The Cedar urn is the most traditional wooden urn. It comes with a brass name plate with your pet’s name located on the top of the urn. (not shown in the photo above)

Decorative Urns

These are our new traditional keepsake urns. These classic urns have the look and feel of a ceramic urn, however these urns are metal and unbreakable.Color options include Tan and Blue. Each urn comes with the decorative charm with Your pets name engraved on it.


Decorative Metal


Decorative Metal



Remembrance Urn

The Remembrance urn is a wood urn that is more cherry in color. It is an urn that comes with small latch on the front for easy opening. This urn also includes a brass name plate with your pet’s name on the top of the urn. (not shown in photo)

Rosewood Urn

The Rosewood urn is a traditional wooden urn that comes embellished with intricate carving located on the front. This urn also includes a brass name plate with your pet's name located on the edge of the urn. (not shown in photo)



Personalized Pet Urns

Remember your pet fondly with one of our various pet memorial packages. We hope to bring up happy memories whenever you see the keepsake of your cat or dog. We can help you find a beautiful container to store your pet ashes after their cremation and will make sure that they are delivered to you carefully and respectfully.

Pet Aftercare Services with a History of Satisfaction

Although putting down your pet is never an easy thing to do, at Peaceful Pathways For Pets, LLC, we hope to make this process a little easier on you. We have had many clients thank us for the compassion and thought that we put into our services and that we helped their pet move on in the most peaceful way possible. Make sure your final memories with your cherished pet are pleasant ones by contacting a service that will do everything to accommodate you.

Contact Us Now to Learn About Our Pet Aftercare

Give your furry companion a beautiful send off with the professional aftercare from Peaceful Pathways For Pets, LLC. Putting down a pet is hard enough, so let us take care of everything for you and make sure your dog or cat is remembered properly. If you would like to know more about our memorial options, get in touch with us today at (972) 965-9541.