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Peaceful Pathways for Pets services include a free phone consultation with Dr Pearson. This will include a discussion on your pet’s condition and current comorbidities. After our phone consult and evaluation, we offer In-home gentle euthanasia with pre-sedation. Cremation options and aftercare transport for our euthanasia clients are offered as part of our services. Ceramic Paw prints, Ink nose prints, as well as various other memorial options are also offered to our euthanasia clients. We DO NOT offer sole cremation services for non-euthanasia clients.

Phone Consultation


Dr Pearson or staff member will provide a free consult prior to the appointment. We will discuss your pets current condition and any comorbidities. We can help provide guidance on when euthanasia might be appropriate as well as how the disease progression for your pet might progress. Please remember that each pet, like humans, is unique in their old age and their specific ailment so manifestations of their particular disease might be different. We will discuss the euthanasia procedure itself and answer any specific questions or request you might have. We are here to help guide you in the path of end of life.



We at Peaceful Pathways for Pets want to ensure our pets are most comfortable and pain free in their final moments. We give each pet a sedative cocktail prior to the euthanasia to provide freedom from anxiety and pain. This sedative usually takes a few short minutes to onset of effect. After a few moments, Dr Pearson will further assess the pet to ensure the pet is relaxed and comfortable before proceeding to the next injection.

Gentle  Euthanasia services

Gentle Euthanasia

After the sedation assessment, the preparation for the next injection will begin by clipping of hair over a peripheral vein. Once the vein is clipped, the final injection will begin, causing a further deepening level of unconsciousness followed by a gentle passing within a few seconds to minutes. Again, your pet will be in deep restful state and feel no pain.

Cremation/Aftercare services

Cremation/Aftercare services

Peaceful Pathways will provide all cremation options and transport assistance for each patient. We offer both traditional cremation services as well as Aquacremation services (Environmentally Green Option). We DO NOT offer sole cremation services to NON euthanasia clients. Options include A) private cremation -individual pet cremation with ashes returned to client or B) simple cremation – communal cremation with burial of ashes

Memorial Option

Memorial Options

Various additional memorial items are offered through Peaceful Pathways for Pets. Items include Clay paw prints, Ink nose and paw prints , Specialty Urns, jewelry and more. Please ask Dr Pearson for pricing on these items.

Peaceful Pathways For Pets, LLC
Peaceful Pathways For Pets, LLC
Peaceful Pathways For Pets, LLC