Peaceful Pathways For Pets, LLC

Children have special and unique bonds with their pets. Dr. Pearson believes strongly in including them and having open discussions about the pets quality of life and /or illnesses of the pet. Including them in the decision making process and explaining to them that death is a normal part of life is crucial. Children respect honest and straightforward answers to their questions. There are many resources in regards to discussing this topic with your child. Please visit the resource section of the website for more information.

Dr. Pearson will explain the euthanasia procedure to you and any other family members who wish to be present. Though we use the highest quality drugs for our procedure to ensure a peaceful passing, Dr Pearson's personal belief is that this procedure may not be suitable for young children. This choice is at your discretion. Please use your best judgement regarding their age and maturity level. Remember that children have sensitive souls and vivid imaginations.