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Peaceful Pathways for Pets

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5000 Eldorado Parkway Ste. 150 PMB469
Frisco, TX 75033
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 Upon arrival at your home, Dr. Pearson will explain the euthanasia procedure to you and any other family members who wish to be present. However, please realize that her personal belief is that this procedure may not be suitable for young children.  This choice is at your discretion.  We use the highest quality drugs for our procedures so your pet will undergo a peaceful passing.  Please advise Dr. Pearson of your pets condition and of current medications so as not to cause any adverse drug reactions.

Euthanasia Process

  1.  Tranquilizer/pain medication combination will be given subcutaneously(under the skin). This combination generally will take 5-15 minutes to achieve maximum effect.
  2.  Clipping of hair on a leg to ensure visualizatin of a vein.
  3.  Injection of euthanasia solution ( an anesthestic cocktail ) in the vein.  Once given, your pet will become unconscious, their eyes will not shut, breathing will stop, and their heart will stop.
  4.  For confirmation of death- Dr. Pearson will listen to your pets chest, check pulses and blink reflexes.

Please realize each passing is unique. Dr. Pearson will advise you of any potential post mortem movement.  Urine and feces may be expelled as muscles relax and again their eyes will not shut.  All other questions can be addressed by Dr. Pearson personally.

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We strive to provide complete care for our patients, therefore we are able to offer comfortable in-home euthanasia in Prosper, TX. 

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Peaceful Pathways for Pets
5000 Eldorado Parkway Ste. 150 PMB469
Frisco, TX 75033
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